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What is bagasse tableware?
805 2021-05-26
    Guangxi is a big province of sugarcane planting, with rich resources. After harvest, sugarcane is mainly supplied to sugar enterprises, and a large amount of residue will be produced after sugar production. If such a large amount of bagasse is directly discarded, it is not only difficult to handle, but also a huge waste. Bagasse is a kind of plant fiber. With the development of technology, the waste bagasse after sugar making began to be used as raw material of pulp, and then processed into various paper products. However, because the sugarcane fiber is relatively short, the paper towel made of sugarcane pulp is not as soft as wood pulp paper, and its water absorption is not as good as wood pulp paper. However, for tableware, sugarcane fiber is a good raw material, and the tableware made of bagasse has better hardness and moisture resistance. What‘s more, using bagasse only to make tableware does not need to cut down trees. What we use is the waste after sugar production, which is the recycling of waste. It allows us to make full use of resources and protect the ecological environment. The waste bagasse after sugar making will be made into bagasse pulp, which will be shaped into tableware by high temperature and high pressure. Bagasse tableware in the natural environment after 90 days can be completely degraded into fertilizer, and then used for planting. Therefore, the use of bagasse tableware will not cause pollution and damage to the ecological environment, but also has a virtuous cycle, which constitutes the ecological chain of sugarcane.